My Mission

I encourage everyone to Dream Big when setting goals. We should never limit ourselves on what we want, but in order to achieve what is desired you must Stay Driven.

I founded Dream Big LLC in the fall of 2013 primarily for my speaking career. To date Dream big has accounted for over 40 Keynote speeches, in 25 states, to over 30,000 people. I speak regularly but have built my own brand under my Dream Big LLC - StayDRiven.

StayDRiven is my brand and it represents my mentality.

Inspiring through speech is powerful but I'm mostly speaking to adults, and I wanted to give back to kids. This past July StayDRiven hosted it's first Youth Football Camp in my hometown of Fredricksburg, VA. The 3-day camp was free for active duty military families, and we created an atmosphere where kids learned teamwork, perseverance, and leadership skills all while playing football with me.

The camp was an amazing success and we are already planning on more camps to come!

Motivational Speaking

Daniel began public speaking professionally in the fall of 2013, since then his speeches have gained momentum around the country. Daniel has spoken to a range of groups from college students to large business conventions. He carefully caters his speeches to each event to ensure that he connects with every audience, and that everyone walks away with a unique message that will impact them in a powerful way.